Frost Studio is the lovechild resulting from the merger between Good Motion and FrostVFX. FrostVFX historically has been more focused around high-end VFX and online whereas GoodMotion was an all-round production partner within 3D and 2D animation. 

Having gathered these skills and years of valuable insights under the same roof allows us to take on a wide range of projects from Motion Graphics and Animation to VFX and Online.



We would like to present ourselves as a Mom-and-Pop post-production company. With a warm and personal approach, we welcome all projects, big and small. Staff-wise, we are surely not the biggest fish in the pond, but with a  dedicated core team, we scale the workforce by the project scope. You will always have the opportunity to speak directly to the artists that are realizing your vision. 

The absence of a big and clunky production pipeline makes us fleet-footed and allows us to approach each project in a way that makes the most sense. Tailored solutions to make the best out of your project. 



Call us old fashioned, but we believe in relationships. By building strong relationships between client and studio, be it director, agency, production company or end-client, we see great potential in the symbiosis between idea, concept, and execution.

We would like to invite you to get an insight into the VFX process, a process that from the outside can look overly technical and rather daunting. At the same time, we do not fear to take part of your process. Contrary, we see many synergies in having a mutual understanding of the processes. In our experience, being a part of the creative and conceptual process creates vision alignment which has positive effects on both output and cost control.


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