PAF – Spelfabriken på Åland

Together with director Ted Kjellsson and Storyfire, we had the opportunity to work on this three-part story which takes on a journey to the casino factory on Åland. A magical place inhabited by playful and quirky characters. A strong creative and clear direction made this both an exciting and challenging project.

Coop – Speed

In this commercial for Coop we made speed happen. With the help of some advance comp tricks, the talent got a new pair of arms working for her. In the directors chair is the talented Sebastian Hédin.

Jägermeister – In the freezer

In this ad we created a photo-realistic bottle and shot glass for Jägermeister. Later in the process we added frost element and snow to emulate -18°c. A lot of care was put into making labels, and bottle look like the original. The idea and direction was done in-house a Frost Studio.


Follow Polarbröd’s journey toward a more sustainable future in this commercial directed by Henrik Hallgren. Frost Studio made the visual effects and animation, including seamless transitions between scenes as well as creating and animating a futuristic train in 3D. We also modeled and animated flower-like wind turbines made of Polarbröd packaging.

Felix Senap

These commercials were created when Felix added a mustard to their product line. We designed and created 3D characters based on Felix bottles, with the goal of making them cute and relatable. Since we were responsible for everything from character design and directing to animation and backgrounds we were able to work very efficiently. The process from storyboard to final video was very straight forward, a big thank you to Åkestam Holst for giving us a lot of creative freedom!

Jakten På Tidskristallen

Each december SVT airs a 24 episode christmas show for children. For the 2017 series “Jakten på Tidskristallen” Frost Studio created the visual effects. With a huge number of effect shots and limited budget we decided to use on set background projections instead of chroma key. We created 360 renders of the different fantasy worlds the kids would visit, this was then projected on a screen behind the actors and captured in-camera. Since we didn’t have to spend time working with greenscreen footage, we could spend way more time creating backgrounds and effects. We also created fully digital establishment shots in 3D including an enormous lava filled crack in the ground as well as particle effects for the intergalactic portal.

Minecraft – Minecon Earth

Frost Studio created the intro for Mojang’s biggest Minecraft event: Minecon Earth. We wanted to make something set in the Minecraft universe and style, but add a twist that could not happen in the game. We see Minecon as people coming together and their (Minecraft) worlds colliding, so based on this we came up with the idea to twist and turn Minecraft worlds like a giant Rubik’s cube. Based on exported Minecraft worlds, we created all the animation and took on the whole production, from storyboard to final cut. Frost Studio also created the main logo animation based on the same concept.


Frost Studio made the visual effects for this Valio commercial, mainly a stormy ocean that needed to be created in 3D for the wider shots. We also provided the online work. A big thank you goes to the director Christoffer von Reis and to Ari Laitinen at Otto Film!


We are super happy that we got the opportunity to work with Director Anders Skogs first feature film. Uppsalakidnappningen is an incredible story based on true events. Frost Studio did the grade, some small VFX and clean up.