The Unliving

We had the privilege to create all digital effects for Hugo Lilja’s magnificent half hour film The Unliving. The film was awarded Best European Short Film at Berlin Film Festival and the 1 km Film Award at the Stockholm Film Festival 2010. Our work involved drilling into a zombie head, exterior shots of a wrecked city, gun flashes and underwater-zombie-harpooning. We also went though a ton of shots modifying all zombie eyes to look infected, cloudy and bloodshot in a way that wouldn’t be possible with make up. Most effects were created partially in camera and completed digitally in post production to get the highest level of realism possible within the time and budget constraints.


We at Frost Studio are happy to have worked on this film directed by Marcus Evertsson at Folket Sthlm together with The Line. It’s an eye-catching commercial for Unibet in which we added more players and created a massive stadium crowded with super excited fans – all frozen in time!

The Swedish Forest

Frost Studio were responsible for the visual effects and online of this film for Svenska Skogen, directed by Robert Jitzmark at Camp David. The post production included a building falling down from the sky and a tree trunk being kicked down.

ICA – Boom!

This ICA commercial is a parody on a very frequently running commercial at the time of release. Working together with Gangsters, Frost Studio were responsible for the motion design – super futuristic 3D wireframe animations!