Julkalendern 2017

Jakten På Tidskristallen

Julkalendern 2017 - Jakten på Tidskristallen

Director // Oscar Mellander
Tord Danielsson
Production // Warner Bros 
VFX // FrostStudio
Client // SVT

Each December SVT airs a 24 episode christmas show for children. For the 2017 series “Jakten på Tidskristallen” Frost Studio created the visual effects. With a huge number of effect shots and limited budget we decided to use on set background projections instead of chroma key. We created 360 renders of the different fantasy worlds the kids would visit, this was then projected on a screen behind the actors and captured in-camera. Since we didn’t have to spend time working with greenscreen footage, we could spend way more time creating backgrounds and effects. We also created fully digital establishment shots in 3D including an enormous lava filled crack in the ground as well as particle effects for the intergalactic portal.



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