Go behind the scenes of the MediaMarkt facilities in this Christmas Campaign! We had the joy of creating lots of the elements that make it extra cool, including the factory environment, a packaging robot and a holographic Christmas tree. A big thank you goes to director Henrik Sundgren at Giants and Toys and to Gangsters!

Liseberg – Helix

When making this commercial for roller coaster Helix, the building of the ride was yet to be finished.  For this reason the entire commercial, except the people, needed to be created in 3D. With plain and quite rough CAD files as a starting point we created the rollercoaster and environment in 3D. Daniel who directed the film even climbed a crane 10 stories up above the construction site to shoot reference images for us. The final result is an imaginative story, reminiscent of 90’s advertising, that draws the viewer into the world of Helix.

Burger King

This  commercial was shot at Stiller Studios with a Cyclops motion control camera rig. Using motion control allowed us to plan ahead and create the camera in our 3D software before the shoot. It also allowed us to shoot multiple passes with the exact same motion. In post production we built environments using 3D as well as matte paintings, integrating it all with the live action footage in comp. We also created and animated the pack shot.