As you can see in this Marabou commercial directed by Torbjörn Martin, using social media can have unexpected consequences. Frost Studio created the motion design – animating all the posts and messages popping up and matching them to the camera movements. We also did the online work, replacing news posters and some cleanup.

Helmers Lilla Kök

Helmers is a Swedish startup set to introduce healthy fast food alternatives for kids. We gave our characters a stylized look inspired by 1950’s animated adverts while keeping the playful color palette and patterns of the brand. We created all text and graphic animations to closely match the playful but calm tone of the main scenes. Overall we think that the final result came out great and resonates well with the intended audience.


Frost Studio directed, designed and animated this launch video for the service Beambox. To explain the service we needed our main character and the storage items to be the main focus. We solved this by using the beam box color palette for backgrounds while using the contrast colors for our character and items. The choice of vector style felt natural as it felt the most coherent to the service’s logo artwork and interface design.

Norrlands Guld

We created the motion design elements of this commercial for Norrlands Guld. When designing the graphic elements, our challenge was to make them feel scientific and funny without stealing all the attention. We drew inspiration from video games and created animations that would clearly bring associations to power ups and game HUDs. We further enhanced the presence of the graphics by matching the camera movement.


Vimla is a brand new telephone company with a straight forward message for everybody to like! Frost Studio worked on ten short films with stop motion, all describing something good about the service. We created the animations based on still images with added digital elements and graphics. We had a great time working with Made to Order on such a nice concept!

Stora Designpriset

The industry design award Stora Designpriset hired us to create the presentation videos for their nominees. Frost Studio took on the entire production from 3D animated products & motion design to live action sequences. We also created all of the graphic design.

Aftonbladet Atlas

This is one of our favorite projects because it incorporates a lot of different techniques and styles into a solid visual expression that’s both imaginative and fun. At the shoot, a hand model was precisely choreographed using a book full of blank pages. We then created all 3D animation & graphic elements from scratch and finally composited everything together. We are very happy with the result and often use this as an example of “stylized realism”.

ICA – Boom!

This ICA commercial is a parody on a very frequently running commercial at the time of release. Working together with Gangsters, Frost Studio were responsible for the motion design – super futuristic 3D wireframe animations!