Frost Studio made the visual effects for this Valio commercial, mainly a stormy ocean that needed to be created in 3D for the wider shots. We also provided the online work. A big thank you goes to the director Christoffer von Reis and to Ari Laitinen at Otto Film!


We are super happy that we got the opportunity to work with Director Anders Skogs first feature film. Uppsalakidnappningen is an incredible story based on true events. Frost Studio did the grade, some small VFX and clean up.


Be inspired to make your job your dream with this colorful TV commercial for the Swedish union Vision! Frost Studio made the visual effects: making a little budgie sing an 80’s hit song, a coffee fountain and animated clouds. We also did the online work and cleanup.

Liseberg – Christmas

We had a good time working with Oddway and director Christian Johansson on this film for the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg. The post production included magical glowing animals lighting up Liseberg and a grand finale of fireworks!

Boxer Play

Living on a deserted island is not a problem when you have access to all your best TV Shows! In this campaign we follow Terry O’Quinn as he is stranded in Paradise, fortunately with the everyday comfort of having Boxer by his side. Frost Studio did the visual effects including a meteor approaching earth, cleanup work and a coconut message in the sand. Once again we had the joy of working for director Robert Jitzmark and Camp David.


Vimla is a brand new telephone company with a straight forward message for everybody to like! Frost Studio worked on ten short films with stop motion, all describing something good about the service. We created the animations based on still images with added digital elements and graphics. We had a great time working with Made to Order on such a nice concept!

E.ON – Wind

We are proud to have worked on this film for E.ON, directed by Oskar Wrangö at Camp David! Our work involved stabilizing shots, removing all logos from the wind turbines and also adding lights. The beautiful sceneries were captured by Director of Photography Jallo Faber.

IF – Stay Visible

The insurance company IF is promoting safety in this film by offering reflective yarn for your knitting projects. Frost Studio did the online work, enhancing the glow effect of the yarn as well as general cleanup. The film was directed by Stina Lütz at Camp David and we are very proud of having done the post production.


We at Frost Studio are happy to have worked on this film directed by Marcus Evertsson at Folket Sthlm together with The Line. It’s an eye-catching commercial for Unibet in which we added more players and created a massive stadium crowded with super excited fans – all frozen in time!